Contact Information

Undergraduate Advisor

Jade Loftus
Undergraduate Adviser
Office: E&MS Bldg, Room A234A
Phone: 831-502-7070

Find out Jade's drop-in advising hours and other advising information at the Earth Sciences Advising Website.

Mentorship and Career Advising

Patrick Chuang, Faculty Undergraduate Advisor

Patrick Chuang
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
A254 Earth & Marine Sciences
Phone: 831-459-1501

Matthew Clapham, Faculty Undergraduate Advisor

Matthew Clapham
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
A208 Earth & Marine Sciences
Phone: 831-459-1276

Internship Program

Eli Silver, Internship Program Director

Eli Silver
Internship Program Director
A142A Earth & Marine Sciences
Phone: 831-459-2266