J Casey Moore

TitleResearch Professor,
Professor Emeritus
DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
DepartmentEarth & Planetary Sciences
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OfficeEarth & Marine Sciences A116
Campus Mail StopEarth and Planetary Sciences
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Research Interests

Casey Moore's research concentrates on the structural and hydrogeologic evolution of convergent plate boundaries, and more generally, on fluid interactions in the diagenesis-metamorphism and structural evolution of sedimentary rocks. He analyzes the deformation of sedimentary basins and accretionary prisms from regional to handspecimen scales. He applies techniques used to study sedimentary diagenesis to structurally active environments, to define the pressure-temperature-time-porosity-permeability evolution of actively deforming sediments. He focuses on active modern marine environments sampled by drilling, imaged by seismic reflection, and analyzed with borehole logs. He also studies subduction complexes uplifted from seismogenic dephts and exposed on land.seismogenic depths. The group focuses on active modern marine environments (sampled by drilling and imaged by seismic reflection) and regions exposed on land with a straightforward tectonic setting. They combine observational and laboratory studies.

Biography, Education and Training

B.A. Geology, UC Santa Barbara, 1968.
Ph.D. Geology, Princeton University, 1971

Teaching Interests

Introductory Geology, Structural Geology, Field Geology, Reflection Seismology, Tectonic Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology