Gary B Griggs

TitleDirector, Institute of Marine Sciences,
Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences
DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
DepartmentMarine Sciences, Institute of,
Earth & Planetary Sciences
AffiliationsOcean Sciences Department
Web Site Institute of Marine Sciences
Seymour Marine Discovery Center
OfficeEarth & Marine Sciences A317
Campus Mail StopOcean Sciences
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Research Interests

Gary Griggs' research is focused on the coastal zone and ranges from coastal evolution and development, through shoreline processes, coastal hazards and coastal engineering, and sea level rise. Recent research projects have focused on documenting and understanding coastal erosion processes including temporal and spatial variations in rates of retreat; evaluating the effectiveness of coastal protection structures and the impacts of coastal engineering projects (seawalls, jetties, breakwaters) on coastal processes and beaches; evaluating beach processes and quantifying littoral cell budgets and human impacts on these budgets; impacts of extreme events such as El Ninos) on coastlines; the impacts of sea level rise on California's beaches and coastline; and coastal policies to reduce the impacts of hazards and sea level rise.

Biography, Education and Training

B.A., Geological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara (1965)

Ph.D., Oceanography, Oregon State University (1968)

Honors, Awards and Grants

1974-75: Fulbright Fellow- Institute of Oceanographic Research, Athens, Greece

1998: University of California, Santa Cruz, Division of Natural Sciences- Outstanding Faculty Award (teaching-research-service)

2001: Distinguished Alumnus Award- Geological Sciences Department, University of California Santa Barbara

2003: American Shore and Beach Preservation Association: Joe Johnson Coastal Research Award

2006: University of California Santa Cruz Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award

2006: University of California Santa Cruz Pioneer Faculty Award

2007: Ed Ricketts Award for Sustained Research in Marine Science- Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

2009: California Coastal Commission/Sunset Magazine California Coastal Hero award.

2010: Elected to California Academy of Sciences.

Selected Publications

  • Griggs, G.B. 2010. Introduction to California’s Beaches and Coast. (book). University of California Press, 311pp.

  • Griggs, G.B. and Ross, D.S., 2006. Santa Cruz Coast- Then and Now. (book) Arcadia Publishing Co., Charlotte, S.C. 95pp.

  • Griggs, G.B., Patsch, K.B. and Savoy, L.E., 2005. LIVING WITH THE CHANGING CALIFORNIA COAST (book). University of California Press: 540pp.

  • Russell, N.L. and Griggs, G.B. 2012. Adapting to Sea Level Rise- A Guide for California’s Coastal Communities. California Energy Commission-Public Interest Environmental Research Program and California Ocean Sciences Trust: 52p.

  • Orme, A.R., Griggs, G.B., Revell, D.L., Zoulas, J.G., Grandy, C.C., and Koo, J. 2011. Beach changes along the Southern California coast during the twentieth century: A comparison of natural and human forcing factors. Shore and Beach 79:4:38-50.

  • Griggs, G.B., 2011. 1965- The Recovery of the First Ocean Floor Evidence of Great Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes. EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union v, 92: 39: 325-326.

  • Griggs, G.B., 2010. The Effects of Armoring Shorelines – The California Experience, In: Puget Sound Shorelines and the Impacts of Armoring-Proceedings of a State of the Sciences Workshop, May 2009. USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5254, 77-84.

  • Kinsman, N. and Griggs, G.B., 2010. California Coastal Sand Retention Today: Attributes and Influence of Effective Structures: Shore and Beach 78:4:64-74.

Teaching Interests

Coastal Geology, Oceanography