Computing Resources

Department Staff provide support to all Earth & Planetary Sciences department members.

PMC: Planetary and Marine Computing (subgroup of ACG) provides support to Earth & Planetary Sciences faculty, researchers, all staff, postdocs, and graduate students.

  • PMC accounts (@es/@pmc email accounts, unix logins)

  • Email forwarding and vacation mail for for @es/@pmc addresses

  • Webpage hosting for @es/@pmc accounts

  • Anonymous FTP

  • Mac and PC network printing

  • Mac and PC SSH help

  • Poster Printing

ACG: Academic Computing Group (subgroup of ITS) provides support to Earth & Planetary Sciences faculty, researchers, technical staff, postdocs, and graduate students.

  • Scientific computing resources

  • Hardware/software assistance, technical questions, consultation, general usage questions covering Macintosh, Windows 95/98/2000/NT and UNIX (Solaris, IRIX, Linux)

  • Advice for hardware purchasing

  • Software downloads and purchasing reccommendations

ITS: Information Technology Services provides support to all faculty, staff, and students.

  • UCSC accounts (@ucsc email accounts, network IDs, unix accounts)

  • Administrative system accounts (FIS, PPS, SIS, NES, and DWH)

  • Computer security

  • Network status

  • Remote access to network and internet

  • Software licenses

  • Application support

  • Basic operating system support

  • Administrative systems support (PPS, Banner, Business Objects, SIS, AIS, NES)

  • CruzNet, CruzTime administration

  • Workstation support (Helpdesk)

Learning Technologies (subgroup of ITS) provides support to anyone needing course-related technology support.

  • eCommons for on-line course material administration

  • Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) for consultation on instructional design, eCommons (the collaborative learning environment), student performance evaluations, innovative classroom research, and activities

  • Management of all student computer labs, including reservations for courses

  • Other services such as AV checkout, course websites, distance education, Unix timeshare, videoconferencing, video production, webcasting