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Nicole Feldl
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    • Assistant Professor
  • Division Physical & Biological Sciences
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    • Earth & Planetary Sciences Department
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  • Office Location Earth & Marine Sciences A247
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Summary of Expertise

Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Dynamics

Research Interests

Nicole Feldl’s research seeks to understand fundamental features of the Earth’s climate system, such as large-scale patterns of temperature, precipitation, and clouds, as well as their variability and change. What controls the position and strength of the tropical rain belts and midlatitude storm tracks? How does the coupling between atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice impact high-latitude climate change and variability? Why is polar amplification of climate change weaker in the Antarctic compared to the Arctic? A common theme of these investigations is understanding how individual climate feedbacks—that is, additional radiative fluxes that are caused by changes in clouds, water vapor, surface albedo, and other factors in response to a climate forcing—aggregate into a regional and global climate response.  


To answer these and similar questions, the Climate Dynamics group uses simulations ranging from simple energy balance models, to aquaplanet models with full-complexity atmospheres but devoid of continents, to the most sophisticated class of coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation models. Theories addressed at understanding atmospheric dynamics help interpret changes in climate that have occurred over the Earth’s past, as well as those changes likely to occur in the future. 

Biography, Education and Training

B.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.S., University of Colorado

Ph.D., University of Washington