Fall 2022

Fridays at 12:00 PM
E&MS A340

September 30, 2022

Speaker: Naor Movshovitz, UCSC

Title: Inside the Giants: behind the scenes of the gaseous planets interior models industry


October 7, 2022

Speaker: Jacob Kegerreis, NASA Ames

Title: Making and breaking planets and moons: big simulations and giant impacts


October 14, 2022

Speaker: Sean Maher, USGS California Volcano Observatory in Moffett Field

Title: Investigating spectral distortion of volcano infrasound by nonlinear propagation


October 21, 2022

Speaker: Ellen Czaplinski, JPL

Title: Laboratory Studies of Organic Cryominerals: Implications for Titan’s Geology and Chemistry


October 28, 2022

Speaker: Karen Daniels, North Carolina State University

Title: How and when granular materials fail (in the lab, and maybe in the field?)


November 4, 2022

Speaker: Sophie Coulson, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Title: Predicting and Observing Patterns of Modern Sea Level Change and Crustal Deformation


November 18, 2022

Speaker: Eric Breard, University of Oregon

Title: The Enigmatic Behavior of Deadly Pyroclastic Density Currents


December 2, 2022 - cancelled