Fall 2009

Friday Afternoons at 3:30 PM
Earth and Marine Sciences (E&MS) Building, Room B210

Please join us for refreshments in the E&MS Atrium at 3:15 PM

October 2, 2009
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Stress Triggering of Non-Volcanic Tremor
Justin Rubinstein, USGS

October 16, 2009
co-sponsored by CSIDE
How Safe is Mammoth Mountain?
Marcus Bursik, University at Buffalo

October 30, 2009
co-sponsored by CODEP
Origin of the Ganymede-Callisto dichotomy by impacts during the Late Heavy Bombardment
Amy Barr, Boulder, SWRI

November 13, 2009
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Nucleation, slow slip and tremor in rate-and-state friction models
Jean Paul Ampuero, CalTech

December 4, 2009
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Earthquakes, Faults, Aseismic Deformation, and Seismic Hazard Analysis
Steve Wesnousky, UNR

October 9, 2009
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Strain Accumulation and Release at the Northern Costa Rica Subduction Zone
Susan Schwartz, UCSC

October 23, 2009
co-sponsored by CODEP
TITAN: Outer Planet Moon of Mystery
Jeff Moore, NASA, Ames Research Center

November 6, 2009
co-sponsored by CODEP
Rotational Stability of Terrestrial Planets and Icy Satellites
Isamu Matsuyama, UC Berkeley

November 20, 2009
co-sponsored by CODEP
Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Planets Beyond 100 AU
Dimitri Veras, University of Florida