Fall 2010

Friday Afternoons at 3:30 PM
Earth and Marine Sciences (E&MS) Building, Room B210

Please join us for refreshments in the E&MS Atrium at 3:15 PM

October 1, 2010
co-sponsored by CODEP
Elastic Ice Shells of Synchronous Moons: Implications for Europa and Titan
Jonathan Mitchell, UCLA

October 22, 2010
co-sponsored by CSIDE
How Rocks Break: Fast, Slow, and as Slow as it Gets
Peter Eichhubl, University of Texas at Austin

November 5, 2010
co-sponsored by CODEP
Fluid flow and chemical alteration in carbonaceous chondrite parent bodies
Jennifer Palguta, USGS

November 19, 2010
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Active, possibly seismogenic low-angle normal faults, Death Valley, California
Darrel Cowan, University of Washington

October 8, 2010
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Modeling (erosional) fold-and-thrust belts using numerical simulations and physical experiments: the Aconcagua and Mexican fold-and-thrust belts
Leonardo Cruz, Stanford University

October 29, 2010
co-sponsored by CODEP
Formation of Satellites Around Gas Giant Planets: Accretion and Interior Evolution

Paul R. Estrada, NASA Ames Research Center

November 12, 2010
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Bumps on Faults
Emily Brodsky, UC Santa Cruz

December 3, 2010
co-sponsored by CODEP
Understanding Large-scale Mantle Convection
Allen Mc Namara, Arizona State University