Fall 2011

Friday Afternoons at 3:30 PM
Earth and Marine Sciences (E&MS) Building, Room B210

Please join us for refreshments in the E&MS Atrium at 3:15 PM

October 7, 2011
First impressions on the Mw 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
Mark Simons, Caltech

October 21, 2011
Impacts of static and dynamic stress changes on tremor and creep along the lower-crustal San Andreas fault
David Shelly, USGS

November 4, 2011
Roughness of fault surfaces: analysis and implications for earthquake mechanics
Thibault Candela, UCSC

December 2, 2011
Solar System Binaries and Triples: Properties, Origin, and Evolution
Jean-Luc Margot, UCLA

September 30, 2011
Earth's core-mantle boundary region
Jennifer Jackson, Caltech

October 14, 2011
Evidence Against Characteristic Faults and Implications for Seismic Hazard Analysis
Morgan Page, USGS

October 28, 2011
Two new approaches to the Early Mars climate problem: Implications for the Mars Science Laboratory rover mission
Edwin Kite, UC Berkeley

November 18, 2011
Rock resistance to fluvial erosion: From Earth to Saturn's frozen moon Titan
Leonard Sklar, San Francisco State University