Spring 2011

Friday Afternoons at 3:30 PM
Earth and Marine Sciences (E&MS) Building, Room B214

Please join us for refreshments in the E&MS Atrium at 3:15 PM

April 1, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP
Jupiter: Moment of Inertia, the Shape-Rotation Relation, and the Connection to JUNO

Ravit Helled, UCLA

April 15, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP
Lithospheric Structure of the Moon from Gravity and Topography

Pascal Audet, UC Berkeley

April 29, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP
From Crater Relaxation to Pluto: Evolution of Icy Bodies
Guillaume Robuchon, UC Santa Cruz

May 13, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE
Space-Time Characteristics of Earthquakes, Slow Slip Events and Fault Creep in Fault System Simulations

James Dieterich, UC Riverside

May 27, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE
What We Think We Know About Fault Hydraulics, and Why It's Important
Jerry Fairley, University of Idaho

April 8, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP
When Large Objects Collide: the Global Consequences of Planetary-Scale Impacts on Mars
Margarita Marinova, NASA Ames Research Center

April 22, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE
The Electric Path for Human Deep Space Exploration

Nathan Strange and Damon Landau, JPL

May 6, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE
The March 11, 2011 Great Tohoku-oki, Japan Earthquake (Mw 9.0)
Thorne Lay, UC Santa Cruz

May 20, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE
What's Cooking?: Extractable organic material in fault zones as a tool to investigate frictional stress
Heather Savage, Columbia University