Winter 2011

Friday Afternoons at 3:30 PM in the Earth and Marine Sciences (E&MS) Building, Room B210
Please join us for refreshments in the E&MS Atrium at 3:15 PM

January 21, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE

A seismological approach to laboratory friction studies
Greg McLaskey, UC Berkeley

January 28, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE

Earthquake rate changes and transient deformation: Using seismicity as a stress change detector
Andrea Llenos, Stanford University

February 4, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE

From Earthquakes on Rough Faults to Unstable Magma Flow in Volcanic Conduits
Eric Dunham, Stanford University

February 11, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE

Fault friction, strength of the lithosphere: some lessons from the 2004 Mw6.0 Parkfield earthquake
Sylvain Barbot, Caltech

February 18, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP

Causes of Titan's lake and cloud distributions and predictions of future changes
Tapio Schneider, Caltech

February 25, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP

The Japanese Hayabusa ("Falcon") Asteroid Sample Return Mission - Flight, Encounter, and Results from the Returned Samples
Scott A. Sandford, NASA Ames Research Center

March 4, 2011
co-sponsored by CODEP

Revealing the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Super-Earths
Eliza Kempton, UC Santa Cruz

March 9, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE

The Scientist in the Sandbox: Forces, Friction, and Fluctuations in Granular Materials
Bob Behringer, James B. Duke Professor of Physics, Duke University
Please join us just before for tea and refreshments in the 3rd floor knuckle of the E&MS Building

March 11, 2011
co-sponsored by CSIDE

Shallow coseismic slip deficit due to large (~M7) strike-slip earthquakes
Yoshihiro Kaneko, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

March 18, 2011