Fall 2013

Tuesday Afternoons at 4:00 PM
Thimann Lecture Hall 001

October 1, 2013

Speaker: John Townend, Victoria University of Wellington

Title: What does a continental transform fault look like ahead of a major earthquake? New results from the DFDP-1 drilling project, Alpine Fault, New Zealand

Hosts: Emily Brodsky/Erin Todd

October 8, 2013

Speaker: Nicolas Goudemand, Stanford

Title: Feeding Mechanism of Ozarkodinid Conodonts and Potential Implications for Early Vertebrates

Hosts: Matthew Clapham/Priscilla Vázquez

October 15, 2013

Speaker: Karen Joyce, Charles Darwin University at NASA-Ames

Title: A Spectrum of Remote Sensing from the Top End Down Under: Perspectives from Charles Darwin University

Hosts: Adina Paytan/Alanna Lecher

October 22, 2013

Speaker: Dave Rubin, University of California Santa Cruz

Title: Conducting sedimentologic fieldwork on Mars, using rover Curiosity

Hosts: Quentin Williams/Earl O'Bannon

October 29, 2013

Speaker: Ben Brooks, USGS

Title: Mobile Laser Scanning Applied to Earthquake Science

Hosts: Noah Finnegan/David Santaniello

November 5, 2013

Speaker: Nick Swanson-Hysell, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Rodinia's rapid journey into the tumultuous Neoproterozoic Era

Hosts: Francis Nimmo/Naor Movshovitz

November 12, 2013

Speaker: Michael Smith, Sonoma State University

Title: Early Eocene hyperthermals and landscape destabilization at eccentricity minima: Green River Formation of Wyoming

Hosts: Noah Finnegan/Jon Perkins

November 19, 2013

Speaker: Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico

Title: Dissecting the sound of rivers: seismic and infrasound monitoring of a controlled flood in the Grand Canyon

Hosts: Emily Brodsky/Lian Xue

November 26, 2013

Speaker: Jared Kluesner, University of California, Santa Cruz

Title: 3D Seismic Imaging of Faults and Fluid Pathways on a Subduction Margin, Offshore Southern Costa Rica 

Hosts: Eli Silver/Alex Steely

December 3, 2013

Speaker: Jennifer Logue, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title: Developing a Modeling Framework for Assessing Population Impacts of Residential Air Quality Policies

Hosts: Patrick Chuang/TBA