Fall 2018

Tuesday Afternoons at 3:30 PM

Nat Sci Annex 101

October 2, 2018

Speaker: Emily Brodsky

Title: Permeability that Changes over Time

October 9, 2018

Speaker: Perry Spector, Berkeley Geochronology Center

Title: Subglacial drilling in West Antarctica to test for past ice-sheet collapse

Host: Neil Foley

October 16, 2018

Speaker: Alex Handwerger, JPL-NASA

Title: Widespread acceleration of slow-moving landslides in California due to extreme rainfall

Host: Noah Finnegan

October 23, 2018

Speaker: David Dralle, UC Berkeley

Title: Where less is more: Limited subsurface water storage capacity can shield forests from drought

Abstract: In upland landscapes, rock uplift and surface erosion create a structured critical zone, defined as the hydrologically active near surface layer that extends from the vegetation canopy down to underlying fresh bedrock. How does the structure of the critical zone – especially below soils and into saprolite and weathered rock – control water storage and release to ecosystems? In this talk, I present a synthesis of observational and modeling results from sites across California to address this question. I demonstrate how ecohydrological signals, such as annual plant water use and streamflow, reflect hydrogeological properties of the critical zone. Results highlight how, in addition to plant physiology and climate, the subsurface is a key regulator of ecosystem productivity, stream water availability, and forest response to drought.

Host: Margaret Zimmer

October 30, 2018

Speaker: Stephen Po-Chedley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Title: How much has the atmosphere warmed? Reconciling estimates of recent global warming trends.

Host: Nicole Feldl


November 6, 2018

Speaker: Morgan O'Neill, Stanford

Title: High latitude inertial oscillations in the hurricane overturning circulation

Host: Patrick Chuang

November 13, 2018

Speaker: Jorge Vazquez, USGS

Title: Untangling the Quaternary tephrochronology of eastern California using in-situ dating of accessory minerals

Host: Terry Blackburn

November 20, 2018

Speaker: Abby Kavner, UCLA

Title: Experimental investigations of the phase stability of transition metal oxides and carbonates in the Earth’s deep interior

Host: Carver Bierson

November 27, 2018

Speaker: Christine Jilly-Rehak, UC Berkeley

Title: Oxygen isotopes in the early Solar System: From space rocks to star dust<

Host: Myriam Telus

December 4, 2018

Speaker: Kristen Davis, UC Irvine

Title: Fate of oceanic internal waves on a shallow shelf

Host: Heather Shaddox