Winter 2022

Tuesdays at 3:30 PM
Natural Science Annex 101

January 11, 2022

Speaker: Ying Cui, Montclair State University

Title: Carbon cycle modeling during the PETM and the end-Permian mass extinction


Host: Will Rush

January 18, 2022

Speaker: Karen McKinnon, UCLA

Title: The role of the land surface in shaping midlatitude heat extremes


Host: Nicole Feldl

January 25, 2022

Speaker: Selva Marroquin, Caltech

Title: Investigating the redox conditions contributing to organic matter burial in the geologic record


Host: Tamara Pico

February 1, 2022

Speaker: Kerry Callaghan, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Title: The Water Table Model: global hydrology and sea level in the past and present


Host: Sam Kodama

February 8, 2022

Speaker: Jesse Hahm, Simon Fraser University

Title: Insights into runoff generation mechanisms in seasonally dry California from field observations and isotopic dynamics


Host: Margaret Zimmer

February 15, 2022

Speaker: Ryan Venturelli, Tulane University

Title: What lies beneath? Using sub-ice geologic archives to bridge the gap between modern ice-sheet processes and paleo reconstructions


Host: Gavin Piccione

February 22, 2022

Speaker: Scott Fendorf, Stanford University

Title: Fire and Water: Growing Heath Threats of the 21st Century


Host: Araceli Serrano

March 1, 2022

Speaker: Sarah Aarons, Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC San Diego

Title: The role of dust on Earth's climate: insights from the paleoclimate record & modern ecosystems


Host: Tamara Pico

March 8, 2022

Speaker: Nicholas Golledge, Antarctic Research Center, Victoria University of Wellington

Title: Climate forced changes of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Evidence, inference, and speculation


Host: Gavin Piccione