CA Community College

Transferring Credit: California Community College

Students may satisfy introductory course requirements - such as math, organic chemistry, introductory biology, and physics - with courses taken at a California Community College (CACC).  Only lower-division courses transferred from a CACC can be used to satisfy your major requirements.

Use ASSIST.ORG to determine which California Community College courses satisfy your introductory major requirements. 

NOTE: Review the ASSIST.ORG information carefully!  In some cases, such as general chemistry, there is not a course-to-course equivalency and you must complete an entire series to receive credit towards your major.

To transfer credit, you MUST pass the course with a grade of C or better AND submit a transcript showing your completed course.  

To receive units for your transferred course, you must submit an official copy of your transcript to Admissions.  

To receive credit towards your major, you may submit an unofficial transcript to: