Major Requirements

Planetary Sciences BS:  Major Requirements

For a printable major checklist (PDF) for the current academic year, click here.


Calculus:  ONE series from the following.
MATH 11A + 11B Calculus with Applications
MATH 19A + 19B Calculus for Science, Engineering, & Mathematics (preferred)

Advanced Mathematics:  ONE of the following.
MATH 22 Calculus of Several Variables
MATH 23A Multivariable Calculus
EART 111 Mathematics in Earth Sciences

General Chemistry:  CHEM 1A + 1B/M + 1C/N

Geology:  ONE of the following.
EART 5/L California Geology
EART 10/L Geological Principles (preferred)
EART 20/L Environmental Geology

Physics:  PHYS 5A/L + 5B/M + 5C/N + 5D* (PHYS 5 series preferred) OR PHYS 6A/L + 6B/M + 6C/N
*PHYS 5D is recommended if taking the 5 series

Astronomy:  ONE of the following.
ASTR 12 Observational Astronomy
ASTR 16 Astrobiology: Life in the Universe
ASTR 18 Planets & Planetary Systems


EART 110A/L Evolution of the Earth
EART 110B/M Earth as a Chemical System
EART 110C/N The Dynamic Earth
EART 119 Introduction to Scientific Computing
EART 160 Planetary Science
EART 190 Earth Sciences Mentorship [1 unit] (optional)

Topical Electives:  ONE of the following.
EART 162 Planetary Interiors
EART 163 Planetary Surfaces
EART 164 Planetary Atmospheres

At least THREE additional upper-division elective courses (5+ units each) from the Earth Sciences, Astronomy 112 or 118, or Mathematics 130 must be completed.  The following list is recommended, but not mandatory.
Recommended Electives: 

EART 107 Remote Sensing of the Environment
EART 109/L Elements of Field Geology
EART 116 Hydrology
EART 117/L Paleomagnetism
EART 121 The Atmosphere
EART 128 Isotopes: Earth & Marine Sciences
EART 130/L Magmas and Volcanos
EART 140/L Geomorphology
EART 148 Glaciology
EART 150/L Structural Geology
EART 152 Active Tectonics
EART 162 Planetary Interiors
EART 163 Planetary Surfaces
EART 164 Planetary Atmospheres
EART 172 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
EART 209 Solid Earth Geochemistry
EART 210 Overview of Stellar & Planetary Formation & Evolution
ASTR 112 Physics of Stars
ASTR 118 Physics of Planetary Systems
MATH 130 Celestial Mechanics

Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement:  TWO of the four required electives must be completed from courses that are part of the Eart Sciences Disciplinary Communication Curriculum:
EART 100 Vertebrate Paleontology
EART 101 Invertebrate Paleobiology
EART 102 Marine Geology
EART 104 Geologic Hazards
EART 109 Elements of Field Geology
EART 120 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
EART 125 Analytical Paleobiology
EART 140 Geomorphology
EART 146 Ground Water
EART 148 Glaciology
EART 150 Structural Geology
EART 152 Tectonics
EART 160 Planetary Sciences
EART 188A Summer Field Internship
EART 191A Climate Change Science and Policy
EART 195 Senior Thesis

Comprehensive (Senior Exit) Requirement:  For more information on satisfying the comprehensive requirement, please see the Senior Capstone page.