Earth Sciences/Anthropology BA

Earth Sciences/Anthropology BA

The Earth sciences/Anthropology combined major is intended for students with interests in Earth Sciences and the laboratory-based aspect of Anthropology. These include anthropology students interested in archaeology or paleoanthropology who desire more intensive training in natural sciences and Earth Sciences students interested in paleobiology or archaeology. The combined major provides a rigorous training in both Anthropology and Earth Sciences and will permit students to enter graduate programs in Earth Sciences, archaeology, or paleoanthropology. The combined major has a significantly different set of cognate science and required lower- and upper-division courses than the standard major; therefore, students are advised to plan carefully and to contact academic advisers in the Earth and Planetary Sciences and Anthropology Departments early if they have questions.

Follow these steps to complete your Earth Sciences/Anthropology degree:

1.  Getting started in the major
2.  Qualify for your major
3.  Declare your major
4.  Make an academic plan
5.  Review your academic plan with a faculty advisor
6.  Complete your major requirements
7.  Satisfy your Disciplinary Communication requirement
8.  Satisfy your Senior Exit requirement
9.  Graduate

Optional: Participate in undergraduate research and/or write a senior thesis

Optional: Receive honors in the major