Advance Placement Credit

Getting Started: Advanced Placement Credit

Students with Advanced Placement credit must provide Admissions an official copy of your test score.  You can verify your AP credit in your MyUCSC portal

Below is a list of AP credit by subject and test score, the UCSC course credit equivalent to that score, the course(s) that score allows you to enroll in, and the major credit you receive towards your Earth Sciences major:

NOTE:  Advanced Placement Credit varies by major, the major credit listed is specific to the Earth Sciences majors.

AP Subject Score UCSC equivalency: Enroll in: EPS Major Credit:
Biology 5 BIOL 20A, BIOE 20B BIOE 20C or BIOL 105 BIOL 20A, BIOE 20B
Calculus AB 3+ MATH 3 MATH 11A or 19A none
Calculus AB 4, 5 MATH 11A, 19A MATH 20A, 11B, or 19B MATH 11A
Calculus BC 3+ MATH 11A, 19A MATH 20A, 11B, or 19B MATH 11A
Calculus BC 4, 5 MATH 11AB, 19AB MATH 20A, 22 or 23A MATH 11AB
Chemistry 3, 4 units only CHEM 1A none
Chemistry 5 CHEM 1A (beginning F13) CHEM 1B/M or 1C/N CHEM 1A
Physics 3+ units only NA Physics requirement
Statistics 4+ AMS 5 (waives AMS 7/L) NA Statistics requirement