2021-22 Course Plan

Please note: Course Offerings for the 2021-22 academic year are subject to change. Please check with the Undergraduate Affairs Office or the Graduate Program Advisor to verify your planned schedule.

FALL 2021

EART Undergraduate Courses
1 Oceanography Griggs
5 California Geology Knittle
5L California Geology Lab (1 unit) Knittle
8 History Planetary Discovery Zhang
11 Earthquakes Savage
32 Science of Cooking Chuang
96 Academic Success Skills Clapham
101 Invertebrate Paleobiology Clapham
101L Invertebrate Paleobiology Lab (1 unit) Clapham
104 Geologic Hazards S. Schwartz
109 Elements of Field Geology H. Schwartz
109L Elements of Field Geology Lab (2 units) H. Schwartz
110A Evolution of the Earth Blackburn/Zachos
110L Evolution of the Earth Lab (2 units) Blackburn/Zachos
110M Earth as a Chemical System Lab (2 units) Knittle
111 Math in Earth Sciences Neuhaus
112 Geophysical Data Science Brodsky
116 Hydrology Zimmer
119A Intro to Scientific Computing Hain
131 Sea Level Change Pico
150 Structural Geology  Hourigan
150L Structural Geology  (2 units) Hourigan
160 Planetary Science Garrick-Bethell
165 History and Geochemistry of the Solar System Telus
190 Earth Sciences Mentorship Griggs
ESCI Undergraduate Courses
30 Biological Principles of Environmental Sciences Kudela
122 Air Pollution Weiss
160 Data Analysis in the Environmental Sciences Beaulieu
191 Capstone Seminar Ravelo
Graduate Courses
203 Introductory Teaching Seminar Berlanga
204 E&PS Foundations Zhang
220 Groundwater Modeling Fisher
252 Hydroclimatology Feldl/Zimmer
268 History and Geochemistry of the Solar System Telus
270 Global Seismology Lay
290B Topics in Glaciology Tulaczyk
290C Topics in Geophysics Garrick-Bethell
290I Topics in Geomorphology Finnegan
292-01 Whole Earth Seminar (0 units) Clapham
292-02 EPS/IGPP Seminar (0 units) Clapham


EART Undergraduate Courses
3 Geology of National Parks S. Schwartz
10 Geologic Principles Blackburn
10L Geologic Principles Lab (1 unit) Blackburn
12 Intro to Weather and Climate Feldl
100 Vertebrate Paleontology H. Schwartz
100L Vertebrate Paleontology Lab (2 unites) H. Schwartz
102 Marine Geology Polissar
105 Coastal Geology Griggs
110B Earth as a Chemical System Knittle
110M Earth as a Chemical System Lab (2 units) Knittle
119B Advanced Scientific Computing Hain
121 The Atmosphere Chuang
125 Statistics and Data Analysis in the Geosciences Clapham
140 Geomorphology Finnegan
140L Geomorphology Lab (2 units) Finnegan
152 Tectonics Staff
162 Planetary Interiors Nimmo
191C Practical Geophysics Garza Giron
ESCI Undergraduate Courses
100A Introduction to Environmental Sciences Hain
191 Capstone Seminar Fisher
191 Capstone Seminar Moore
Graduate Courses
206 Great Papers in the Earth Sciences Blackburn & Williams
207 Tectonics Staff
219 Advanced Scientific Computing Hain
225 Statistics and Data Analysis in Geosciences Clapham
260 Introductory Data Analysis in the Ocean and Earth Sciences Edwards
262 Planetary Interiors Nimmo
290E Topics In Planetary Science Telus
290T Current Research Topics In Paleoceanography And Paleoclimatology Zachos
296 Special Student Seminar (Intersections of Geodynamics and Climate) Pico
292-01 Whole Earth Seminar (0 units) Clapham
292-02 EPS/IGPP Seminar (0 Units) Clapham


EART Undergraduate Courses
2 Earth Catastrophes Lay
20 Environmental Geology Tulaczyk
20L Environmental Geology Lab (1 units) Tulaczyk
30 Water In The Environment Weiss
109 Elements of Field Geology  H. Schwartz
109L Elements of Field Geology Lab (2 units) H. Schwartz
110C The Dynamic Earth Brodsky
110N The Dynamic Earth Lab (2 units) Brodsky
118 Seismotectonics Lay
120 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Clapham
120L Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Lab (2 units) Clapham
124 Modeling Earth's Climate Feldl
128 Isotopes: Fundamentals and Applications in Earth Sciences Zachos
130 Igneous Metamorphic Petrology Telus
130L Igneous Metamorphic Petrology Lab (2 units) Telus
142 Engineering Geology For Environmental Scientists Tulaczyk
146 Groundwater Fisher
164 Planetary Atmospheres Zhang
172 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Edwards
189A G.I.S. with Applications to Earth Sciences Finnegan
191A Climate Change Science And Policy Capstone Griggs
ESCI Undergraduate Courses
100B Introduction to Environmental Processes Chuang
167 Applied Environmental Time Series Analysis Beaulieu
191 Capstone Seminar Lam
Graduate Courses
264 Planetary Atmospheres Zhang
272 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Edwards
290I Topics in Geomorphology Finnegan
290Q Topics In Outer Solar System Nimmo
292-01 Whole Earth Seminar (0 units) Clapham
292-02 EPS/IGPP Seminar (0 units) Clapham
293 Grad Research Seminar Clapham


EART Undergraduate Courses
189B Summer Field Hourigan