Department Updates

Gary Griggs' involvement in the state of California's planning for
sea level rise due to climate change is discussed in this Wired article
Francis Nimmo's research on the subsurface ocean on Pluto is in Nature

Department Events

October 17, 2017
WES Seminar, Nat Sci Annex 101, 3:30PM
Speaker: Rosemary Knight, Director of the Center for Groundwater Evaluation and Management
Title: The Use of Geophysical Methods for Groundwater Evaluation and Management

October 20, 2017
IGPP Seminar, E&MS A340, 12:00PM
Speaker: Alicia Hotovec-Ellis, USGS
Title: Slips, Screams, and Migrating Things: Repeating earthquakes as a toolbox to understand and monitor volcanoes

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