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WES Seminar - Tuesday, 4/17/18
Speaker: Kiya Riverman, University of Oregon
Title: Why is there an ice stream in the middle of Greenland?: Surface and subglacial controls on ice flow in the NE Greenland Ice Stream
Time: 3:30PM
Location: Natural Science Annex 101
Graduate Research Seminar - Thursday, 4/19/18
Presenters: Graham Edwards, Dustin Harper, Cara Vennari
Time: 3:30PM
Location: E&MS B210
IGPP Seminar - Friday, 4/20/18
Speaker: Jeff McGuire, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
Title: Offshore Adventures in the Cascadia Subduction Zone: Examining Stress and Slip on the Quietest Plate Boundary
Time: 12:00PM
Location: E&MS A340
2018 E&PS Graduation Saturday, 6/16/18
Time: 3:30PM
Location: E&MS B206

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