How to Support the Department

As the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department has grown in stature and numbers, we have benefited from contributions made by our network of alumni, families, and friends. These contributions support a wide variety of teaching, research, and service activities, and are particularly important in providing academic and professional development opportunities for EPS students. Please contribute to any of the funds/endowments listed below, or make a donation to the "Earth Sciences Achievement Fund" so that your gift can be put to use where it is needed most.

EPS Achievement Fund

We have endowed a portion of our various donor gifts for this fund. This fund supports special projects and initiatives, or areas that require urgent one-time support. Not sure where best to contribute? Please donate to the EPS Achievement Fund , which can be used to support a variety of research, educational, and alumni development needs.

Aaron and Elizabeth Waters Student Research Fund

The Waters Fund supports graduate students in the Department as they conduct thesis-related research, with both fellowships and awards for outstanding PhD thesis proposals. Learn more about the Waters Fund.

Earth's Environment Fund

The Earth's Environment Fund supports graduate and undergraduate students in the Department as they conduct thesis-related research involving topics such as water resources, climate change, and the evolution of landscapes and aquatic systems.  Learn more about the Earth's Environment Fund . These additional funds provide opportunities to support a variety of teaching, research and service activities with the EPS Department at UCSC.

Eli Silver Earth and Planetary Science Opportunities Fund

The Eli Silver Fund supports undergraduate majors and graduate students in the Department, contributing to costs for professional development, education, and living expenses.  Learn more about the Eli Silver Fund.

Casey Moore Fund

The Casey Moore Fund supports current graduate students in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at UCSC as they conduct thesis-related research. Learn more about the Casey Moore Fund.

Gary Griggs Fund

The Gary Griggs Fund supports research and professional development for students completing degrees in Earth and Planetary Sciences and Environmental Science, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Learn more about the Gary Griggs Fund.

Gerald Weber and Suzanne Holt Fund

The Weber-Holt Fund supports EPS majors while they participate in summer field camp, an iconic experience that satisfies the "capstone course" requirement applied to all undergraduates at the University of California. Learn more about the Weber-Holt Fund.

Holly Day Barnett Fund

This fund is a tribute to Holly Day Barnett. Awardees (advanced undergraduates) have traits common with Holly's: outdoor hobbies, leadership skills, and interests in the application of environmental Earth sciences.  Learn more about the Holly Day Barnett Fund.

James R. Hein Blue Water Fund.

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The James R. Hein Blue Water Fund supports Earth and Planetary Sciences students who are focused on blue water (deep ocean) research. Learn more about the James R. Hein Blue Water Fund.

Seismology Visitors Fund

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The Seismology Visitors Fund supports expenses associated with bringing scientific visitors to UC Santa Cruz to discuss or collaborate on geophysics, with a preference for visitors related to seismology or earthquake physics. Learn more about the Seismology Visitors Fund.


The Support for Undergraduate Research in Geology and Environmental Science (SURGES) Fund helps EPS majors as they conduct thesis-related research.  Learn more about the Surges Fund.

The Marc and Rita Bond Scholarship Fund

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The Marc and Rita Bond Scholarship Fund provides need-based support to undergraduate students in the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences to assist with the cost of attendance at UC Santa Cruz. Learn more about the Marc and Rita Bond Scholarship Fund.

Tim and Diana Lawton Endowed Fund for Earth and Planetary Sciences

These unrestricted funds shall be used to support initiatives, special projects, or areas that require urgent support. This may include a variety of research, educational, or alumni development needs. Learn more about the Tim and Diana Lawton Fund.

Zhen and Ren Wu Memorial Award Fund

The Wu Fund supports graduate students in geophysics as they conduct thesis-related research, with an emphasis on students seeking careers in exploration industries. Learn more about the Wu Fund.

The Recharge Initiative

The Recharge Initiative is a focused effort to protect, enhance, and improve the availability and reliability of groundwater resources. These goals are being accomplished through research, teaching, service, and outreach, in collaboration with partners from academia, federal, state, and local agencies, municipalities, and citizen stakeholder groups. Learn more about the Recharge Initiative.

These other funds are also helping to meet important departmental and student needs.

Summer Field Camp

Tea Fund: Two of our alumni, Dan Orange and Jeff Marshall, sold their Loma Prieta Earthquake slide sets and donated the proceeds to create an opportunity for socialization and interdisciplinary conversation. Faculty and staff rounded out the amount to reach the investment minimum. We provide a tea time weekly throughout the academic year for these gatherings. You are welcome to visit at any time!

If you would prefer, you may also make a donation by mail. Please print and fill out this EPS gift form and follow the instructions to make sure that your gift is used as intended.

We are glad to discuss your interest in supporting EPS at UCSC, and to provide information that may be helpful in directing your contribution to be consistent with your goals.

Please contact:

Matthew Clapham (Department Chair): (831) 459-1276,

Lisa Stipanovich (Department Manager): 831-459-4478,

Andy Fisher (EPS Development Coordinator): 831-459-5598,

Donations made to the EPS Department at UCSC are tax deductible, to the extent permitted by law. Please check with your tax preparer to assess how your donations may be deducted.