Department Directory

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Department Office 831-459-4089 EMS A232 Fax 831-459-3074
Grace Caslavka 831-459-4478 EMS A233 Department Manager
Jennifer Fish 831-459-1235 EMS A251 Graduate Program Coordinator/Advisor
Amy Kornberg 831-459-4137 EMS A232A Department Assistant
Jade Loftus 831-502-7070 EMS A234A Undergraduate Advisor - Website



Terrence Blackburn 831-459-2260 EMS A108
Emily Brodsky 831-459-1854 EMS C370
Patrick Chuang 831-459-1501 EMS A254 Undergraduate Faculty Advisor
Matthew Clapham 831-459-1276 EMS A208
Nicole Feldl 831-459-3693 EMS A247
Noah Finnegan 831-459-5110 EMS A115 Graduate Faculty Advisor
Andy Fisher 831-459-5598 EMS A209
Ian Garrick-Bethell 831-459-1277 EMS A137
Gary Griggs 831-459-5006 EMS A317 Director, Institute of Marine Sciences
Mathis Hain EMS A308A
Jeremy Hourigan 831-459-2873 EMS A221
Elise Knittle 831-459-4949 EMS C468
Paul Koch 831-459-2931 NatSci Annex 204 Dean, Physical & Biological Sciences Division
Thorne Lay 831-459-3164 EMS C382
Francis Nimmo 831-459-1783 EMS A219
Susan Schwartz 831-459-3133 EMS A133
Myriam Telus 831-502-8784 EMS A301
Slawek Tulaczyk 831-459-5207 EMS A208
Quentin Williams 831-459-3132 EMS A212
Jim Zachos 831-459-4644 EMS A260 Department Chair
Xi Zhang 831-502-8126 EMS A261
Margaret Zimmer 831-502-8714 EMS A305



Kenneth Bruland 831-459-4026 EMS A446 Ocean Sciences
Weixin Cheng 831-459-5317 ISB 416 Environmental Studies
Peggy Delaney 831-459-4317 Kerr Hall 209 Ocean Sciences
Chris Edwards 831-459-3734 EMS A447 Ocean Sciences
Russell Flegal 831-459-2093 PSB 454 Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology
Jonathan Fortney 831-459-7285 ISB 275 Astronomy
Michael Loik 831-459-5785 ISB 473 Environmental Studies
Christina Ravelo 831-459-3722 EMS A454

Ocean Sciences



Nataliya Bondarenko 831-459-5143 EMS C316 Assistant Project Scientist
Guoxin Cheng Assistant Project Sceintist
Daniel Ebuna Associate Specialist
Joseph Fackrell Postdoctoral Fellow
Bo Feng Assistant Project Sceintist
Huijing He 614-556-2251 E&MS C367 Assistant Project Sceintist
Daniel Orange Assistant Project Scientist
Hilde Schwartz 831-459-5429 EMS A347 Project Scientist, Lecturer
Mark Snyder 831-459-3504 EMS A115 Project Scientist
Stephanie Taylor Postdoctoral Fellow
Zhenliang Tian Postdoctoral Scholar



Erik Asphaug
Rob Coe 831-459-2393 EMS A202
Bob Garrison
Jim Gill 831-459-3842 EMS A210
Gary Glatzmaier
Leo LaPorte
Casey Moore 831-459-2574 EMS A116
Eli Silver 831-459-2266 EMS A142A
Othmar Tobisch



Thomas Goebel 626-676-5560 EMS C364
Don Korycansky 831-459-5843 EMS C328
Mikhail (Misha) Kreslavsky 831-459-5143 EMS C316
Adina Paytan 831-459-1437 EMS C308 IMS
David Rubin EMS C312
Steven Ward 831-459-2480 EMS C340
Ru-Shan Wu 831-459-5135 EMS C349 Modeling and Imaging Lab
Xiao-Bi Xie 831-459-5094 EMS C324 Modeling and Imaging Lab
Xixi Zhao 831-459-5827 EMS C320 Paleomagnetism Lab



Dyke Andreasen 831-459-5751 EMS C512 SIMS, EMS C512; x9-5751
Colin Carney

831-459-5751 EMS C514 Assistant Specialist, Stable Isotope Laboratory
Brandon Cheney 831-325-5059 EMS C276 Instrument Specialist
Sarah Faraola 831-459-2838 EMS A109 Groundwater Lab
Brecky Morris 831-246-1645 EMS C320 Instrument Specialist
Rion Parsons 831-459-4020 EMS C367 Academic Computing Group
Dan Sampson 831-359-9075 EMS C458 Instrument Engineer, Lead of Technical Staff
Walter Schillinger 831-459-3378 EMS C458
Ambrosio Torres 831-459-1609 EMS C206A Academic Computing Group
Tyler Wickland 925-7080-669 EMS C442 Jr. Research Analyst



Biogeochemistry Lab C230 831-459-2477 Paytan
Brodsky Lab C360 Brodsky
Clapham Lab A201 Clapham
Cloud and Aerosol Lab C348 831-459-1724 Chuang
Coastal Geology A360 831-459-2403 Griggs
Crustal Imaging A142 831-459-2830 Silver, Finnegan
Electron Probe C465 831-459-4992 Sampson
Garrick-Bethell Lab Garrick-Bethell
Groundwater Lab A109 831-459-2838 Fisher, Tulaczyk
Helium Thermal Chronology C436 Hourigan, Williams
Hourigan Lab A215 831-459-2551 Hourigan
Koch Lab D206 831-459-5088 Koch
Microfossil Prep/Sediment Processing D218 Zachos
Mineral Physics C431, C483 831-459-2596 Knittle, Williams
Modeling and Imaging Lab C349, C324 831-459-5135 Wu, Xie
Paleomag. Lab Annex 831-459-4847 Coe, Morris
Planetary Sciences A101 831-459-1784 Nimmo
Rock Magnetism C442 Coe, Morris
Sediment Mechanics Lab C285 Fisher
Seismology/W.M. Keck Lab C317, C373 831-459-4426 Brodsky, Lay, Schwartz
Stable Isotope C514 831-459-5751 Andreasen, Zachos
Surface Processes Lab D237 831-459-5335 Fisher, Finnegan
Thermal Ionization C536F Sampson
Thin Section C280 Clapham
Tulaczyk Lab C279 Tulaczyk
Visualization Computer Lab A170 Morris
XRF/XRD C426, C424 Cheney