Casey Moore Fund

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Purpose: The Casey Moore Fund supports graduate students in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at UCSC as they conduct thesis-related research.

Casey Moore headshotHistory: The Casey Moore Fund was established to honor of one of the Earth and Planetary Science Department's most influential and inspirational faculty members, J. Casey Moore. The fund was organized initially by a small group of Casey's former graduate and undergraduate students, in honor of his retirement, and has generated considerable support from current and former students and colleagues. We are delighted that Casey remains active as an Emeritus Professor, and is enthusiastic about growing the fund and having a positive impact on future generations of EPS students.

Status: The Casey Moore Fund is currently endowed with just over $157,000.

Chart of Endowment Goal to reach $1,000,000

Endowment Goal: Our long-term goal is to grow the endowment to $1,000,000, allowing the fund to support three quarters of graduate student fellowship or up to 20 individual research grants ($2000 each) per year. Once the endowment grows to  $300,000 (we are more than 1/2 way there!), it will support one quarter of graduate student fellowship or six individual research grants per year.

Our Request: Please donate to the Casey Moore Fund in support of EPS graduate students. You could make a one-time donation or pledge to give annually.

Breaking news!One of Casey's former students has generously offered to match all new contributions to the Casey Moore Fund (gifts in excess of previous commitments) by a ratio of 1:1, up to $5000 for the current calendar year. Your generous gift will have twice the impact!


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Past recipients of awards from the Casey Moore Fund:


Christina Richardson


Dan Killam


Sarah White


Alex Steely


Tracey Conrad


Alex Nereson