Focus On Research

    Andy Fisher

  • Crustal Hydrogeology, Andy Fisher

    Crustal Hydrogeology

    Andy Fisher's research group explores water-rock interactions in many settings. More...

  • Ian Garrick-Bethell

  • The Shape of the Moon, Ian Garrick-Bethell

    The Shape of the Moon

    One of Ian Garrick Bethell's major research interests is the long wavelength (3000-km-scale) shape of the Moon. More...

  • Susan Schwartz

  • Susan Schwartz, Seismogenic Zone Structure and Behavior

    Seismogenic Zone Structure and Behavior

    Subduction is a fundamental geological process generating and modifying continental crust and associated with severe natural hazards including earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunami. More...

  • Francis Nimmo

  • Planetary Physics, Francis Nimmo

    Planetary Physics

    The solid bodies of the solar system exhibit remarkable diversity in geological behaviour, and Francis Nimmo's main interest is in understanding the origins of this diversity. More...

  • Adina Paytan

  • Biogeochemistry, Adina Paytan


    Our group's primary research interests lie in the fields of biogeochemistry, chemical oceanography, and paleoceanography. More...

  • Patrick Chuang

  • Air Quality: Patrick Chuang

    Air Quality

    Power plants in California consume upwards of 1 billion gallons of water per day, primarily through evaporation in cooling towers. More...