Earth's Environment Fund


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Purpose: The Earth's Environment Fund supports graduate and undergraduate students in the Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) Department at UCSC as they conduct thesis-related research involving topics such as water resources, climate change, and the evolution of landscapes and aquatic systems. Awards from the fund will improve EPS student projects, increase the department's research impact, and provide valuable professional development opportunities for EPS undergraduate majors and graduate students.

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History: The Earth's Environment Fund was established to enhance the quality of EPS student research projects that focus on Earth's environment (past, current, and future). The fund was established with a gift from an EPS alumni family who have demonstrated a commitment to better understanding and management of Earth's natural systems, so as to improve prospects for effective stewardship of these resources.

Status: The Earth's Environment Fund is currently endowed with ~$100k. It was established initially with a generous matching gift from an alumni family. We now have a permanent endowment and use fund income to support research.

Long-term Goal: Our long-term goal is to grow the endowment to $350,000,to generate the equivalent to a full quarter of student support, could be used for fellowship or research grants. Awards will be made on a competitive basis each year.

Our Request: Please contribute to the Earth's Environment Fund and help to support EPS undergraduate and graduate student researchers. You could make a one-time donation or pledge to give annually.

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Donations to the Earth's Environment Fund have made this award possible. Below are previous awardees.

  • 2023 Lauren Giggy
  • 2023 Manny Rojas
  • 2022 Adam Haynes
  • 2022 Daniel Perea
  • 2021 Gavin Piccione
  • 2020 Jenny Pensky
  • 2019 William Chapman