Zhen and Ren Wu Memorial Award Fund

Plot showing Wu research example


Purpose: The Zhen and Ren Wu Memorial Award Fund ("Wu Fund") supports graduate students in geophysics as they conduct thesis-related research, with an emphasis on students seeking careers in exploration industries.

History: The Wu Fund was established by Ru-Shan Wu, Director of the Seismic Modeling and Imaging Laboratory, in memory of his parents. The Wu fund supports an annual award for graduate students pursuing Ph.D. work in geophysics and in support of a variety of geophysical research projects. Ru-Shan and his collaborators and students have had a major impact in theoretical seismology and imaging through their research and application of innovative tools, and the Wu Fund is a valuable legacy for future generations of exploration-minded young scientists.

Status: The Wu Fund is currently endowed with ~$115k.

Endowment Goals: We seek to grow the endowment to $350,000, permitting proceeds to support one quarter of graduate student fellowship (or equivalent research costs) in each academic year. Funds could be used to assist with recruiting and supporting outstanding new students, and/or to support existing students who demonstrate potential for excellence in research.

Our Request: Please make a donation to the Wu Fund in support of EPS graduate students in geophysics. You could make a one-time donation or pledge to give annually.

Past recipients of awards from the Zhen and Ren Wu Memorial Fund:

  • 2023 Huiyun Guo
  • 2022 Kristina Okamoto
  • 2021 Travis Alongi
  • 2020 Amanda Donaldson
  • 2019 Em Schnorr
  • 2018 Ricardo Garza-Giron
  • 2017 Joel Edwards
  • 2016 Stephanie Taylor
  • 2015 Esteban Chaves Sibaja
  • 2014 Lian Xue