Our values. The Earth and Planetary Sciences department is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all members of our community, so that everyone can bring their authentic selves and achieve their full potential. By centering justice and equity, and sustaining a climate where all are acknowledged and appreciated, we can help everyone feel welcome in EPS and the geosciences. We acknowledge that structural racism and other forms of bias permeate institutions and policies, and that individuals face overt racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, and other types of discrimination. Our pledge is to work to dismantle structural racism and other biases, and to improve the climate for all members of the EPS community.

Committee charge. The Diversity Committee will evaluate barriers and inequities that are created by department policies and procedures, pedagogy and mentoring, and culture. We will propose actions to create more equitable and just policies and a more inclusive and anti-racist climate.


  • Instituted a department fee waiver for graduate applicants who received their undergraduate degree from a minority-serving institution as well as those who are first generation college students.
  • Developed department Principles of Community and a comprehensive list of reporting pathways.
  • Created an EPS Diversity Committee monthly newsletter to share diversity equity & inclusion awareness, information, and workshops.
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