Poster Printing

Poster Printing in the E&MS Building

Brecky Morris 10/10/2023

  1. Poster printing is available to personnel and students who belong to the Earth & Planetary Sciences and the Ocean Sciences Departments. 
  2. Save your poster in pdf format.
  3. Posters are $4.00 per linear foot and are <=42 inches in width.
  4. Check to ensure that you have a poster printing account. This is a separate account from the UCSC account.
    1. Ask the PI (or yourself) if they have a poster printing account.
      1. If 'yes', then note the username and password. If 'no', then request one by emailing, and the PI.
      2. Allow time for someone to set up your account and send you the password.
  5. Log into the Mac in the Vislab (C303) as "ES User'. There isn't a password.
    1. The door is keyed to the same as the mailroom (A234). If you are an Ocean Sci. person and don't have this key, there is a lockbox on the door with a key in it. For the code, Please see Brecky Morris, Amy Kornberg, Lisa Stipanovich, or Brandon Cheney or email
  6. Log into the 'PaperCut' application. There should be a small window in the upper-right portion of the screen and a login prompt should appear upon logging into the computer. Use the poster printer account referred to in step 4.
    1. If application isn't already open, click on the program 'PC Client' in the Application Dock at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Log into the Adobe Creative Cloud icon by clicking on the menu bar in the top right-hand side of the screen - use your UCSC email and gold password. The icon looks vaguely like an infinity sign.
    1. Click 'Continue with Google'.
    2. Login to your UCSC account.
  8. Open Adobe Acrobat DC from the Application Dock and load your poster into Acrobat.
    1. I've see instances of Adobe Acrobat crashing with some posters for reasons that aren't obvious. If this occurs, please feel free to use the 'Apple Preview' program instead.
  9. Select 'Properties' from the 'File' menu.
    1. Note the size of your poster in inches. You'll use the info later to determine the paper size.
    2. Click 'ok'.
  10. Select 'Print' from the 'File' menu.
    1. Select '' from the 'Printer' menu.
    2. Click 'Advanced' in the 'Print' menu.
      1. Under 'Color handling', select 'Printer Color Management'.
      2. Click 'OK'.
    3. Click on 'Page Setup' in the 'Print' menu.
    4. Click 'Format For:' and choose ''
    5. Click on 'Paper Size'.
      1. Click on 'Manage Custom Sizes'.
      2. Set the 'height' and 'width' to the size of your poster. Max dimension is 42 inches wide (the width of the paper minus the margins). Ensure that the WIDTH is under 42 inches when definining the page size (e.g. 40x48 is good, 48x40 would unexpected results). 
      3. Click 'OK'.
    6. Click 'OK' in the 'Page Setup' dialog box.
    7. Click the button 'Actual Size' button under 'Size and Paper Handling'.
    8. Orientation should be set to 'Auto'
    9. Click 'Print'.
  11. The 'PaperCut' application should pop up.
    1. Login again.
    2. This will launch a dialog box that says that 'Your document has been held in a queue'...
    3. Click 'OK'.
  12. Login again to 'PaperCut' by clicking on 'Details' in the 'PaperCut' window in the right-hand corner of the screen.
    1. This will launch a web browser application.
    2. Click on 'Jobs Pending Release' in the left-hand menu.
    3. You should see your print job pending.
    4. Click on the 'Print' link.
  13. The print job should appear on the printer front panel after a minute.
  14. When the poster is printed, it will spend a couple of minutes drying the ink before the paper is cut automatically.
  15. If the paper runs out, change the paper and reprint.
    1. Spare paper in on the counter by the computers.
      1. It is labeled '44 Inch HP Universal Instant Dry Gloss Photo' paper.
    2. Remove the paper spool rod from the printer.
      1. Lift the paper roll cover on the back of the printer.
      2. The rod the paper spools on pops fits into a socket on the printer on both sides.
      3. Pull up on the paper roll and it will come out of the right-hand side socket.
    3. Remove the old roll of paper.
      1. Slide the endcap off on the right-hand side of the paper spool rod.
      2. Slide off the old paper roll.
    4. Unpack the spare paper and insert the rod though the new paper-roll such that the paper wraps around the rod in a clockwise direction.
    5. Put the paper spool rod endcap back on the paper spool rod.
      1. Ensure that the blue cap fits snuggly on the spindle and presses against the paper roll such that there isn't a grap between the paper and outter part the blue cap, e.g. the paper roll shouldn't be able to move around on the spindle.
    6. Reinsert the rod with the new paper roll on it into the printer.
    7. Touch the printer front panel on 'paper'. If 'paper' isn't listed, touch the home button.
    8. Touch 'Paper'.
    9. Touch 'load' next to 'roll'.
    10. Follow instructions on the printer front panel.
  16. If the ink runs out, change out the ink cartridge and reprint your poster.
    1. Spare ink is in the drawer labeled 'Poster Printer Ink', by the computers.
    2. Take the ink out of the packaging.
    3. Open the panel on the front right-hand side of the poster printer.
    4. Touch 'ink' on the front panel. If 'ink' isn't listed, touch the home button.
    5. Touch the rows of text in the circle in the bottom right corner of the front panel.
    6. Touch 'Replace'.
    7. Select the ink to be replaced.
    8. Remove the old ink cartridge.
    9. Insert the new one.
    10. Touch 'done' on the printer front panel.
    11. Put the old ink cartridge in the box for the new printer ink cartridge and leave it on the counter. It will be recycled.
    12. Only replace the cartridge that is out or cartridges that are very-nearly out. Printer ink is expensive.
  17. Reprint your poster.
    1. On the printer screen (on the actual poster printer), touch the button that says, 'Job Queue'. If 'Job Queue isn't listed, touch the home button.
    2. Select your print job and touch 'reprint'.
  18. If reprinting doesn't work, please go through the relevant steps to reprint your poster and contact for a refund on duplicate charges.


Other Poster Printing Options

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Address: 252 Potrero St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 420-1999

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UPS Store
Address: 849 Almar Ave Ste C, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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