Completing the Major

Completing the Major

Now that you are declared an Earth Sciences major, you need to satisfy these additional requirements prior to graduating:  

Disciplinary Communication (DC)
All students must complete the DC requirements to graduate.  For more information on how to satisfy see the Earth and Planetary Sciences DC requirements page. 

Senior Exit
Also referred to as the Senior Comprehensive Requirement, all students must satisfy the Senior Exit to graduate. In addition, students must also complete the EART Science Senior Comprehensive Form and a Individual Studies Form.

Transferring Credit
Students may satisfy a major requirement with a course taken at another institution.  Prior to enrolling in an outside course, be sure to read our information on transferring credit.

Honors in the Major
Students who perform well in their courses may be eligible for Honors in the Major

Students who are nearing the end of their academic career should verify they are on track to graduate.  For more information on both preparing to graduate and the process for graduation, see our section on Graduating

Need Help?
If you do not find the information you need for completing your major on this page, see Earth Sciences Advising