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Maxwell Leclerc Pearson
  • Title
    • PhD Student
  • Division Physical & Biological Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Earth & Planetary Sciences Department
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  • Office Location
    • Earth & Marine Sciences, A243
  • Mail Stop Earth and Planetary Sciences

Research Interests

My research interests are at the intersection of stable isotope paleoecology and environmental/biodiversity conservation. I have a particular interest in how human land-use change/urbanization has affected the extinct and extant flora and fauna of the now industrialized urban ecosystem.


My current projects focus on:

The Late Pleistocene Megafauna Extinction, and the climate during these continental events

Synanthropy through time, including invasive species interaction


For questions/collaboration, please email me!

Biography, Education and Training

From San Diego

B.S. from CSUN (Los Angeles)

Teaching Interests

I love teaching field classes. You will often see me for the EPS 109 field course.