Transfer Orientation

Getting Started:  Transfer Orientation

Now that you have registered at UCSC, here is a step-by-step guide to transferring your coursework and getting enrolled:

1.  Determine if you are already qualified for an Earth Sciences major.
If you applied to transfer to UCSC, listed an Earth Sciences major on your application and were admitted as an Earth Sciences major; congratulations, you have qualified for the major.  If you applied to transfer to UCSC, did NOT list an Earth Sciences major on your application, and were admitted as an alternate major; you must still meet the qualification criteria for transfer students.

If you are not sure of your status, log on to your MyUCSC portal to view your proposed major.  If your major is Proposed Earth Sciences, Proposed Environmental Geology, Proposed Science Education, Proprosed Planetary Science, or Proposed Ocean Science, you are qualified.  If the proposed major listed is not one of the Earth Sciences majors, you will need to meet the qualification criteria for transfer students.

2.  Once your courses have been articulated, you will receive an email from our office.
This email will include information on how your coursework articulated, suggestions for Fall enrollment, and invite you to make an appointment to talk with your major advisor.

3.  Make an appointment to talk to an advisor.
Your confirmation email will include instructions for scheduling an advising appointment.  Appointments are available either by phone or in person.

4.  Attend orientation.
Admissions hosts a transfer student orientation in summer that provides new transfer students an opportunity to meet other transfer students, familiarize themselves with the campus and the available resources.  Orientation includes a faculty presentation on the Earth Sciences majors, including an overview of the field courses offered and an introduction on how to get involved in undergraduate research.

If you are not able to attend transfer orientation, it is all the more important that you schedule an advising appointment.

Welcome, we look forward to meeting you!