Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities for 2022-23

Project Title Description Required experience Preferred experience PI Name
Granular flow experiments Run powder granular flow experiments on new rheometer to explore velocity-dependent packing. ES 110C or equivalent experience with continuum mechanics Emily Brodsky
Applying Artificial Intelligence to Remote Sensing Data We will apply new AI techniques to analyze large datasets of remote sensing observations of the ocean. Please click here for further details. High Python proficiency Introduction to Physical Oceanography J. Xavier Prochaska
Structure of the San Andreas Fault Creeping section Basic mapping of fault strands in the area around San Juan Bautista Basic rock ID and structural analysis a plus intro to field/structure, mineralogy/petrology preferred but not necessary Heather Savage
Analysis of airborne cloud measurements My research group makes measurements of clouds using aircraft, and we use these data to answer questions about the evolution of clouds. I prefer students who are entering their junior year so as to be able to work with them for 2 years, culminating in a senior thesis. none Familiarity with computer programming is preferred but not required. Patrick Chuang
Paleontology research Multiple projects related to mass extinctions and paleoecology N/A N/A Matthew Clapham
Deep Learning of Remote Sensing Data My lab has a variety of projects that use geochemical analyses of deep sea sediments to reconstruct past ocean and climate conditions to answer questions about the mechanisms and impacts of climate change. We are looking for students that want basic lab experience in earth and ocean sciences. Students interested in developing senior thesis research are also encouraged to apply. We are looking for students with work-study awards. none organized, punctual, reliable, ability to work with small samples and microscopes Christina Ravelo