Winter 2024

Fridays at 12:00 PM
E&MS A340

January 12, 2024

Speaker: Nick Wogan

Title: The photochemistry of hydrogen-rich atmospheres: from the origin of life on Earth to biosignatures on the K2-18b exoplanet

 Nick Wogan


January 19, 2024

Speaker: Jonathan Fortney

Title: Open Questions in the Structure and Composition of Gas Giants: From Jupiter to Hot Jupiters

Jonathan Fortney 


January 26, 2024

Speaker: Marius Millot

Title: Peering inside giant planets with giant laser dynamic compression experiments

image of speaker marius millot 


February 2, 2024

Speaker: Thomas Kruijer

Title: Isotopes in planets: From the earliest planetesimals to the Moon forming giant impact

 Thomas Kruijer


February 9, 2024

Speaker: Chengrui Chang 

Title: Probing the Physics of Empirical Landslide Time Prediction Model