Spring 2024

Tuesdays at 3:30 PM
Earth and Marine Sciences A340


April 2, 2024

Speaker: Dave Caresss

Title: Using Robots to Map the Deep Ocean Seafloor at Scales of Meters to Centimeters

dave caress 


April 9, 2024

Speaker: Thorne Lay

Title: 700 Years of Great Earthquake Ruptures in the Eastern Aleutians Based on Modeling Tsunami Run-up and Stratigraphic Deposits in the Aleutian Islands and Hawaii


thorne lay 


April 16, 2024

Speaker: Cristian Escauriza

Title: Exploring the interactions of turbulent flows and grain size in bedload sediment transport




April 23, 2024

Speaker: Daria Holdenried-Chernoff

Title: Using Turbulent Magnetic Diffusion in Earth’s Core to Constrain Average Bulk Core Velocity

image of speaker


April 30, 2024

Speaker: Kriti Sharma

Title: Science & Justice: What does it mean in the laboratory, the STEM curriculum, and the STEM funding infrastructure?


May 7, 2024

Speaker: Ella M. Sciamma-O'Brien

Title: Production and Characterization of Carbonaceous Laboratory Analogs of Planetary Atmospheric Aerosols, Surface Materials, and Cosmic Grains


image of speaker


May 14, 2024

Speaker: Noah Randolph-Flagg

Title: Life and death by hydrothermal system: phosphate on ocean moons and ignimbrite remobilization at Mt. Pinatubo


image of speaker


May 21, 2024 - POSTPONED TO FALL 2024

Speaker: Barbara C. Ratschbacher

Title: TBA


May 28, 2024 - POSTPONED TO FALL 2024


Speaker: Steven Desch

Title: Short-lived radionuclides in meteorites and the sun's birth environment 


June 4, 2024 - POSTPONED TO FALL 2024

Speaker: Penny Wieser

Title: Under pressure: Gaining insight into magmatic plumbing systems using Raman Spectroscopy and Open-Source codes