Alumni Pictures

Field Camp 1989


Left to right, back row: Creigh Heron, Duncan Gedes, Tom Motaue, Karen Blumstein, grad student/TA, Bert Sanfford, Nan (Nancy Ann) Rosenbloom.
Front row: Rich McDonald, Jean Buckthall, Kathy T, and TA Dan Orange.

Field Camp 1975 - Photograph courtesy of Steve Rowland

Left to right, back row: Prof. Othmar Tobisch, Rich Gordon, Steve Lewis, Mike Clark, Carrie Carpenter, Connie Arthur, Sandy Horan, Dirk Nielson, Rich Devine.
Front row: Dave Alexander, grad student/T.A. Steve Rowland, Mark Brandon, Ed Tschupp, Prof. Leo Laporte, George Tate.

Field Camp 1977 - Photographs courtesy of Mark Murphy

1  4

White Mountain Research Station                                     Sue Marshall and Lisa Wright

2  3

Mark Mosby at Owens River Gorge                                    Ken Cameron

8  9

Sue Marshall                                                                     Bill Bagby (TA)

12  12-2

Sheryl Fernandez                                                             Owens Valley from Big Pine

13  14

Rick Schouboe                                                                 Sheryl Fernandez  

15  21

Sue Marshall, Lisa Wright, Jim Lateer, & Mark Mosby     Bill Bagby leading the flock

23  24

White Mountains from Big Pine                                         White Mountains from Big Pine

 Mark  Mark Murphy (pictured on the left)