Transferring Credit

Completing the major:  Transferring Credit

Students may satisfy a major requirement with a course taken at another institution.  Prior to enrolling in an outside course, make sure the course you plan to take articulates (ie, is equivalent to a course at UCSC or is an approved elective for your major).

NOTE: To transfer any credit, a course MUST be completed with a grade of C or better.

For more information on transferring credit:

Taking Summer Courses?
If you are taking courses at another institution over the summer that is a prerequisite for a course you plan to take in fall, you will not be able to enroll until you have submitted your transcript to  

Course Substitution & Transfer Credit Policy
At least half of the upper-division courses (numbered 100–190) required for each major must be taken through the biological sciences at UCSC, not as transfer credits from another department or institution. Students are advised to contact their major advisor before enrolling in numerous upper-division courses at other institutions. Please complete and turn in the Course Substitution Form.

A maximum of one upper-division course requirement may be met with a research-based independent study or graduate-level UCSC biology course or a course offered by another UCSC department.