Fall 2023

Fridays at 12:00 PM
E&MS A340

September 29, 2023

Speaker: Max Rudolph

Title:  Cooling cracks and the origin of Enceladus' tiger stripes 

Image of speaker Max R.

October 6, 2023

Speaker: Doron Morad

Title: Fault roughness controls sliding instability

image of speaker Doron Morad

October 13, 2023

Speaker: Chloe Beddingfield

Title: Icy Moon Geology

image of speaker chloe beddingfield

October 20, 2023

Speaker: So Ozawa

Title: Coupled modeling of earthquake and fault-zone fluid transport: fault-valve instability

speaker so ozawa

October 27, 2023

Speaker: Ryan Hurley

Title: Granular Mechanics Across Time and Length Scales: Insights from In-Situ X-ray Measurements

image of speaker ryan hurley

November 3, 202

Speaker: Orkan Umurhan

Title: Forming the first planetesimals in turbulent disks. It's not just a sticky matter

November 17, 2023

Speaker: Menno Fraters

Title:  Scientific World Building: a Cascadian example

image of speaker menno fraters

December 1, 2023

Speaker: Jennifer Bergner


December 8, 2023

Speaker: Alexandre Schubner

Title: Minerals matter! An experimental perspective on deep subduction seismicity