Fall 2023

Tuesdays at 3:30 PM
E&MS A340

October 3, 2023

Speaker: Daniel Glaskell

Title: Polar amplification and the marine carbon cycle across Cenozoic warm intervals

speaker daniel glaskell

October 10, 2023

Speaker: Geoff Vallis

Title: Superrotation in Planetary Atmospheres

headshot of speaker

October 17, 2023

Speaker: Heather Lieb

Title: Isotopic 15N Measurements Reveal High NO Emissions from Arid Agricultural Soils in the Salton Sea Air Basin

image of speaker heather lieb

October 24, 2023

Speaker: Jonathan Perkins

Title: Understanding the meteorological controls of landslide-inducing storms across California

image of speaker

October 31, 2023

Speaker: Kathleen Johnson (remote)

Title: Speleothem constraints on tropical hydroclimate dynamics

image of speaker

November 7, 202

Speaker: Rebecca Harrington

Title: Combining earthquake source observations with physics-based models and geological constraints to infer crustal strength

image of speaker rebecca harrington

November 14, 2023

Speaker: Sandra Kirtland-Turner

Title: Past to Future Carbon Cycle Feedbacks

image of speaker

November 21, 2023

Speaker: Christine Chen

Title:  Determining the age and origins of nuclear materials for nuclear forensics investigations

image of speaker

November 28, 2023

Speaker: Patrick Chuang

Title: What does (and doesn't) a fossil-fuel free world look like?

 image of speaker

December 5, 2023

Speaker: Eliza Dawson

Title: Icy insights by bridging models and observations: Antarctic mass loss sensitivity to the thermal state

Image of speaker Eliza Dawson