Hiring Lab Members

Postdocs and Grad Student Researchers


Undergraduate student workers are paid employees, and are hired through the Career Center. Whether you have already identified the student you want to hire, or want to post an ad, you will use the Employee Request (ER) System that is hosted by the Career Center.

Funding approval and career center steps to hire a student worker can be done simultaneously.

Funding Approval:

1. Send an email to your accountant approving the hire of a student worker. Include details like:
  • Name of Student (if applicable)
  • Start date, end date
  • Hours/week
  • FOAPAL to charge
2. Your accountant will approve of this charge via email. Sometimes the accountant will copy the Staff HR representative that is helping you hire the student. If Staff HR is not copied, please forward this approval email to Staff HR for their records.

Career Center Steps:

  1. Contact the Staff HR Representative that services the Earth & Planetary Sceinces Department. They will create a username and password for you to access the ER System.
  2. Login to the ER System to create the New Employee Request. Click on 'New ER' to get started.
  3. Fill in the details of the appointment.
  4. When finished entering the information, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the form.
  5. An automatic email will be sent to you, when the request has been approved.
  6. If you know the student you will be hiring, simply send them an email with a link to the career center website, along with the ER#. They will use this ER#  to find your posting, and will need to apply.
  7. Once the student applies, you will receive an automatic email stating that the student has submitted an application. Instructions will be included in this email, on how to view the application, and hire the student.
  8. Once hired, the student will be sent an email, outlining next steps. Your steps for this hire are now complete.

Student workers use CruzPay to input hours worked. They are paid on a bi-weekly basis, so a timesheet will be required every two weeks, and will need to be approved by you.


  • The Student Assistant series was consolidated into a single classification, Student Assistant IV.
  • Current Salary Range for Student Assistant IV (effective 01/01/2018)
    • Minimum: $11.00
    • Maximum: $30.00
  • Students are normally hired at the minimum pay rate of the range for a given classification. However, Human Resource Teams will have the flexibility to recruit above the minimum pay rate.
  • If the pay rate exceeds 10% of the minimum pay rate, there must be a justification statement included in the "Notes for Career Center" section of the ER. 
  • Recruitment and/or retention issues are the primary consideration for posting of positions with above minimum pay rates.  Please contact our HR Service Team member if you have any questions regarding compensation rate of student employees.
  • Please visit the Student Employment Policies and Procedures webpage for more information.