Transportation and Parking

Parking Information

A valid UCSC permit is required to park in all non-meter, non-paystation parking spaces on campus. Permits must be fully displayed on the driver's side of the dashboard or on the rear view mirror in a position clearly visible to Parking Enforcement officers. Parking is allowed in marked spaces only that are designated for parking. Permits can be purchased weekdays at the TAPS Sales Office. Below are links to more detailed information.

Buses and Shuttles

Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District's "Metro" buses travel bi-directionally through campus to help students get downtown and throughout Santa Cruz County. Faculty can purchased a subsidized Metro bus pass (at a fraction of the regular cost) through the TAPS Sales Office. UCSC operates a Campus Transit system, with shuttles that circulate throughout the campus. Some buses are equipped with front-loading bike racks; all vehicles are wheelchair accessible. Please see the Campus Transit Shuttle Routes and Schedules.

Other Commute Options

TAPS manages a number of programs to promote alternatives to driving to campus. These include: