CruzBuy is our campus e-procurement system used to purchase goods and services. Please visit the Procurement Services page for more information. Cruzbuy training is available and highly recommended. Click here for a list of training dates and locations.

Getting a CruzBuy Account

No formal training is required to obtain a CruzBuy user account, however user training is highly recommended. Follow these steps to get a CruzBuy Account:

1. Obtain a UCSC CruzID and Email Account if you do not already have a UCSC email account.

2. Complete the CruzBuy Account Authorization Form.

3. Obtain signature authorization from your direct supervisor and send to your Research Accountant.

4. You will be notified by email once your CruzBuy UserID and password have been created.


The UCSC campus uses a FOAPAL system to purchase goods and services both on and off campus.

  • Your research accountant will assign your 1st FOAPAL upon arrival. This is attached to your start-up funds. Your accountant will share this number with you, and will create more FOAPALs for you in the future.

  • Below is an example of a FOAPAL, and how to interpret the different numbers:

  • FOAPAL: 19900-432100-ESSUJS

  • Fund: 19900 (a 5 digit code that designates the source of the funds)

  • Organization: 432100 (a 6 digit code specific to your start-up)

  • Activity Code: ESSUJS (specific to you, ES=Earth Sciences SU=Start-Up JS=J.Smith)

Accounts codes describe the type of commodity, such as 000810 for lab supplies, 001260 for Misc. Services, and 007010 for inventorial equipment. These are typically assigned by your accountant on a purchase by purchase basis, so when making a purchase simply include the Fund, Org and Activity.

Purchasing Software

ITS Software Licensing provides purchase assistance, software installations and support for software in use on campus. Click here for a list of software provided for faculty. Use this form to ask a software question and this form to order software.