Technical Support Staff

Technical Support

The Earth & Planetary Sciences Department Technical Support Staff are ready to assist you with your technical needs. Please email regarding:

  • Research Facilities

  • Instrument Engineering

  • Materials Characterization Analytical Requests

  • Tools and Materials

  • Department Field Equipment and Vehicles

  • Academic Teaching Support

  • Poster Printing Support

Computing Support

ACG: Academic Computing Group provides support to Earth & Planetary Sciences faculty, researchers, all staff, postdocs, and graduate students. Please email for help with:
  • Anonymous FTP

  • Mac and PC network printing

  • Mac and PC SSH help

  • Scientific computing resources

  • Hardware/software assistance, technical questions, consultation, general usage questions covering Macintosh, Windows 95/98/2000/NT and UNIX (Solaris, IRIX, Linux)

  • Advice for hardware purchasing

  • Software downloads and purchasing reccommendations

Technical Staff Directory

Dyke Andreasen 831-459-5751 EMS C512 SIMS, EMS C512; x9-5751
Rion Parsons 831-459-3725 EMS C379 System Administrator
Colin Carney 831-459-5751 EMS C514 Assistant Specialist, Stable Isotope Laboratory
Brandon Cheney 831-325-5059 EMS C276 Instrument Specialist
Sarah Faraola EMS A109 Fisher Lab
Maia Hoffman EMS 311 Zimmer Lab
Brecky Morris 831-440-7522 EMS A216 Instrument Specialist
Dan Sampson 831-359-9075 EMS C458 Instrument Engineer, Lead of Technical Staff
Walter Schillinger 831-459-3378 EMS C458
Ambrosio Torres 831-459-1609 EMS C206A Academic Computing Group