Advancement and Promotion

Advancement and Promotion at UC Santa Cruz

The UCSC Academic Personnel Office (APO) created a New Faculty Quick Guide which describes the process of advancement and promotion at UCSC. It highlights key aspects of procedures that are sometimes misunderstood. It includes chapters on:

  1. The Review Process
  2. Types of Reviews
  3. Keeping Records of your accomplishments
  4. Critical Tasks for Tenure Preparation
  5. Resources Available if you Suspect Unfair Treatment
  6. Balancing Work and Family

From the begining of your career as an Assistant Professor, it is a good idea to keep thorough records of your accomplishments from which you can draw documentation for Biobibnet and your curriculum vitae, which are necessary for merit increases, appraisals, and promotion.

The review process is completed in DivData, which included Biobibnet and class evaluations.

Policies and procedures governing appointment and promotion at UCSC can be found in the Academic Personnel Manuel (APM), the Campus Academic Personnel manuel (CAPM), and Academic Bylaw 55.